How They Built the Jumbo Jet: Creating an Icon

How They Built the Jumbo Jet: Creating an Icon

Series 1



This is a terrific story – of how in the late 1960s the original Boeing 747 went from dream to runway in just four years. And along the way Boeing had to put up the largest building in the world to make it in.

They certainly flirted with disaster along the way. Nobody knew if a double-decker passenger jet would work – or fly. But Boeing had committed to making 25 of them for the boss of Pan Am, who wanted a plane twice as big as anything else around. Engineers and test pilots recall the nerve-racking efforts to turn the project around in time and stop the engines blowing up.


Documentary celebrating the Boeing 747 and examines the lasting impact of `the plane that shrank the world'. The first of two episodes explores the story behind the 747's design, revealing some of the challenges faced during its initial construction. The project very nearly led Boeing into bankruptcy, as they raced to meet an ambitious delivery deadline.

Cast & Crew

Director Tom Kent
Executive Producer Jeff Anderson
Producer Tom Kent
Producer Nick Watson
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