Inside Cadbury: The Real Chocolate Factory

Inside Cadbury: The Real Chocolate Factory

Series 2



The romance and heritage of Cadbury’s chocolate have slightly dimmed since it became just another cog in a global corporation known as Mondelez International. This programme celebrates the company as we prefer to picture it: a family firm founded by Quakers, headquartered in a quaint model village, where Willy Wonka types later dreamt up Crunchies and Curly Wurlys and Flakes – and sold them via whimsical TV ads.

We see the production lines – endless, rippling, flowing chocolate – find out how the adverts, how the Milk Tray man is looking these days and enjoy the way that 1950s voiceover men pronounced “Caird-burrrys”.


Behind the scenes of the confectionery company, telling the story of a business that started out making cocoa and drinking chocolate almost 200 years ago, eventually evolving into one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world. But over the past 150 years the company has been rocked by scandal, including a salmonella scare and a hostile takeover bid. This documentary looks at the good and the bad times for Cadbury.

Cast & Crew

Director Mike Arnott
Executive Producer Jeff Anderson
Producer Mike Arnott
Series Producer Ed Booth
Documentary Education