Series 10 Episode 10

Series 10 - Episode 10 Series 10 Episode 10



Half the battle with dating is reading the signs correctly — you think your date fancies you, but maybe they’re really plotting their escape route through the fire exit in the restaurant kitchens. Some daters have unnervingly good poker faces; others are dribbling with lust and awe. 

Primary school teacher Richard is in the latter camp, making it absolutely obvious that he likes criminal justice worker Jess by handing her an adorable letter written by one of his pupils.

Train driver Dean is just as unsubtle, literally leaping out of his chair when his date arrives. The question is: will channelling Romeo end well, or more tragically, à la Shakespeare? 


Primary school teacher Richard gives his date Jess a '15 out of 10'. Ex-pop star Jay and call centre manager Brett reveal some surprises from their past and play a game of dare.