Nigeria Tour

Series 2018 - Episode 1 Nigeria Tour



Army medic Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) is back, having spent months at home in Preston recovering from the loss of her beloved Elvis at the end of the last series of Tony Grounds’s soapy saga.

“Maybe I needed time to heal,” she tells her posh, handsome boss as their little unit heads to Nigeria to set up an outreach clinic. But perhaps Georgie will be able to recover some missing girls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram? Her posh handsome boss isn’t keen as it could be dangerous, but Georgie stands aloft on the moral high ground: “Excuse me for being idealistic,” she flounces.

But Georgie and her gormless colleagues should have listened to his advice.


Still grieving over the death of Elvis, Georgie is sent on a mission to Nigeria along with the rest of 2-section, working as part of the Army's effort to train local forces in the fight against the Jihadist militant organisation Boko Haram. She throws herself into her work in an attempt to cope with the loss, but places herself and other members of the squad in danger when they go off the grid and are kidnapped by rebels.

Cast & Crew

Georgie Lane Michelle Keegan
Captain James Ben Aldridge
Maisie Shalom Brune-Franklin
Rab Harki Bhambra
Bones Olly Rix
Monk Sean Sagar
Brains Simon Lennon
Fingers Sean Ward
Sergeant King Rolan Bell
Kwabono Charles Adesanmi
Adewole Patrick Sithole
Ogucho Mzukisi Ntantiso
Cala Thando Guma
Woman in Lampese Ntombi Makhutshi
Director Rob Evans
Executive Producer Tony Grounds
Executive Producer Caroline Skinner
Producer Tim Whitby
Series Producer John Griffin
Writer Tony Grounds
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