Queen Victoria and Her Tragic Family

Queen Victoria and Her Tragic Family

Series 1 - Episode 3



The third and final part of a series that’s as subtle as the title suggests, but rewarding if you like your history brisk and gossipy. We begin in 1871, ten years since Victoria became a widow: the dramatic recovery of the Prince of Wales from illness is about to boost the monarchy’s popularity.

Behind palace doors, however, Mummy is still preoccupied with controlling her other grown-up kids. Leopold’s desire to study at Oxford is opposed on account of his haemophilia, while Louise is deemed too unstable a floozy to wed a Prussian, and Beatrice’s insistence on marrying Prince Henry of Battenberg leads to a period of excommunication. After that’s all settled, the Queen herself embarks on another controversial friendship, with Indian waiter Abdul “Munshi” Karim.


The series concludes with a look at the queen's efforts to control her children's personal lives, arranging a marriage for Princess Louise to a gay Scottish lord and refusing to let Prince Leopold to pursue an education at Oxford owing to his ill health - which he had already passed on to his children. The programme also examines how Princess Beatrice got married against her mother's will and the arrival of Indian servant Abdul Karim in the royal household.

Cast & Crew

Director Richard Sanders
Executive Producer Denys Blakeway
Producer Richard Sanders