The Queen Must Die - Part One

Series 2 - Episode 12 The Queen Must Die - Part One



Part one of two. Jason is determined to rescue his fellow prisoners from the amphitheatre, and makes a daring return to Atlantis, which is becoming an ever more dangerous realm under Pasiphae's villainous rule.

Cast & Crew

Hercules Mark Addy
Pasiphae Sarah Parish
Daedalus Robert Lindsay
Jason Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras Robert Emms
Ariadne Aiysha Hart
Medea Amy Manson
Icarus Joseph Timms
Cilix Lorcan Cranitch
Diocles Henry Garrett
Melas Ken Bones
Cassandra Anya Taylor-Joy
Goran Peter De Jersey
Leon Chris Reilly
Straton Jason Baughan
Linos Jason Cheater
Director Julian Murphy
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Howard Overman
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