Roadkill Doused in Syrup

Series 6 - Episode 7 Roadkill Doused in Syrup



“Look at the state of you! And welcome back to Taskmaster,” is how Greg Davies greets us after one ad break – a typically quirky, mock-aggressive approach entirely in tune with the rest of the show. It’s a frisky, jaunty sort of episode with – as there almost always is in this series – all sorts of ringingly daft moments to enjoy.

Whether it’s Alice Levine feeling inside a closed box to work out what’s in it, and guessing, “Roadkill doused in syrup?” or the sight of Tim Vine with half the contents of a kitchen tucked into a sweatband on his head, while trying to cook a pancake – it’s golden silliness all the way. Keep an eye out for the laser-beam turtle.


Greg Davies sets tasks to a series of celebrity guests, as Tim Vine encounters a wet bra, Alice Levine barely attempts cricket and Russell Howard makes a convincing liger.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne