Big Beasts: Last of the Giants

The Americas

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Americas



He’s previously shown us the life stories of cats, dogs and monkeys. Now biologist Patrick Aryee is turning his attention to why size sometimes really does matter in the animal world. In the first episode of this three-part series, he’s in the Americas, where he has a few close encounters with some of the continent’s biggest predators to explain their evolution.

He takes a dive with a sperm whale, comes face to face with grizzlies and gets up close and personal with the anaconda. He also explores the giants of the past, including the evocatively named titanoboa, a fearsome prehistoric snake that measured 50ft long!


Patrick Aryee investigates the world's largest animals, revealing why these creatures evolved into giants and how crucial they are to their habitats. He begins in the Americas, finding out more about the sperm whale, coming face to face with grizzly bears and getting up close and personal with an anaconda.