Koji the Killer

Series 1 - Episode 1 Koji the Killer



You might have seen publicity photos for the remake of 80s classic Magnum PI recently. It’ll be a while before that gets here, but in the meantime, if you fancy something trying to capture its devil-may-care attitude (but without the short shorts), this might pass muster.

Jerry O’Connell plays Harley Carter, star of a hit US cop show, who after a meltdown is back home in a pretty lakeside town in Ontario. He hooks up with old friends, and gets involved in a murder case involving his housekeepers. It turns out Carter’s more than just a pretty face with a quip for every situation; he has actually learnt something about crime on set. He has a dark back story, too.


TV star Harley Carter returns to his hometown of Bishop, Ontario, after a public meltdown in Los Angeles. When his housekeeper of 30 years is accused of murder, he tries to use his experience of playing a detective for eight years to clear her name. Crime drama, starring Jerry O'Connell.