Series 2 - Episode 4



Amy's girlfriend Hylda overcomes her aversion to family situations and goes to confront Deborah about Amy's increasingly strange behaviour. A drunken Maurice turns the Flowers' home into a party house with the Pink Cuttlefish Orchestra, deaf to the protests of a disapproving Donald, while Amy is about to discover the truth about her grandfather and the origins of the mysterious Baumgaertner book.

Cast & Crew

Barry Colin Hurley
Amy/Bertha Sophia Di Martino
Paula Alice Lowe
Baby Alexa Hunt
Baby Darcy Hunt
Deborah/Valerie Olivia Colman
Maurice/Friedrich Julian Barratt
Dolores Anna O'Grady
Shun Will Sharpe
Henri Mariam Haque
Vera Maite Jauregui
Pan Amie Buhari
Donald/Egbert Daniel Rigby
Matilda Helen Cripps
Avelaine Sophie Brooke
Wendy Kathryn Hunter
Tommy Alistair Green
Bolero David Sterne
Hylda Harriet Walter
Isadora Leila Hoffman
Dennis Duncan Pow
Director Will Sharpe
Executive Producer Naomi de Pear
Producer Sam Pinnell
Writer Will Sharpe
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