How to Start an Airline

How to Start an Airline


British Muslim entrepreneur Kazi Shafiqur Rahman used to be an airline cleaner. But having subsequently made a fortune importing perfume from the Middle East, he now wants to launch a new, sharia-compliant airline: halal food, no alcohol and modestly dressed crew.

Buying a plane is easy if you’ve got a spare million pounds or so but negotiating all the pitfalls of an industry that’s highly regulated and averse to change is another matter. The effusive Kazi is impatient, has an unorthodox approach to business and even falls out with his right-hand man. But you have to admire his enthusiasm and perseverance, even if flying without booze doesn’t appeal.


Documentary following the highs and lows of businessman Kazi Shafiqur Rahman's journey as he tries to launch a brand new airline in the UK. While working at City Airport, Kazi did every job imaginable, from catering to security and cleaning the plane toilets. After creating a successful fragrance business, he is now in the position to fulfil his ultimate ambition, but he is also under pressure to fulfil the demands of his faith and he insists his new airline complies with the teachings of Islam, complete with modest dress for cabin crew, and with only halal food served on board.

Cast & Crew

Director Ahmed Peerbux
Executive Producer Larry Walford