Can Science Make Me Perfect? with Alice Roberts

Can Science Make Me Perfect? with Alice Roberts


Humans are often held up as wonders of evolution, yet anatomist Alice Roberts sees our bodies as a cobbled-together hodgepodge of different pieces which, when not actually threatening our lives, as babies’ large heads do during childbirth, wear and crumble with age – back problems alone cost us billions each year.

Here she presents a fascinating, thought-provoking dissection of the human body’s many imperfections. She asks whether it’s possible to improve on millennia of evolution and, with the help of impressive 3D imaging and modelling, seeks to create a perfect model version of herself using adaptations from around the animal kingdom. The end result is startling, but the science behind it is often eye-opening, too – including the reason why dogs are less likely to have heart attacks than humans.


The presenter embarks on an audacious scientific stunt - to rebuild her own body from scratch, editing out errors left behind by evolution, to create the Perfect Body. Alice finds out what the body's biggest problems are and how amazing adaptations in the rest of the animal kingdom could provide inspiration for her project, before unveiling her life-size model in front of 150 people at London's Science Museum.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alice Roberts
Director Peter Chinn
Editor Steve Blackwell
Executive Producer Gareth Cornick