The Battle for Britain's Heroes

The Battle for Britain's Heroes

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Writer and journalist Afua Hirsch was recently involved in a heated exchange with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain over her thoughts on Churchill’s ideas about race.

She’s bound to stir up more comment and controversy with this polemic, The Battle for Britain’s Heroes, in which she confronts Britain’s view of its past and heroic figures from history. Should they really be celebrated by statues?

You have to admire her guts in having a go at Horatio Nelson for being pro-slavery, though she gets a rough ride from his supporters, and for tracking down and confronting one of her Twitter trolls. She also visits Germany, to see how it has dealt with its horrors.


Writer Afua Hirsch believes the United Kingdom needs to question some of the uncomfortable aspects of its beloved heroes. She is met with opposition as she confronts Horatio Nelson's pro-slavery views and Winston Churchill's opinions on race. Afua also visits Germany to see if the UK can learn from how they have addressed their past.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Afua Hirsch
Executive Producer David Olusoga
Executive Producer Mike Smith
Producer Richard Pearson