Anarchy on Thames

Anarchy on Thames


While it would be a gross exaggeration to say Bill Grundy invented punk, his infamous 90-second chat with the Sex Pistols in 1976 made the band instant tabloid antiheroes – while Grundy’s career nosedived in the opposite direction.

Here, some familiar faces provide context and dissect the interview line by line. A more interesting angle, however, would have been to explore why the British public got their knickers so twisted about a “foul-mouthed yob” in a comedy boobs T-shirt sneering, “You dirty f****r” on the telly. So twisted that they’re still making programmes about it more than 40 years later. It’s preceded at 9pm by an Urban Myths comic take on the story, starring Steve Pemberton and Daniel Mays.


Documentary about Sex Pistols' infamous appearance Bill Grundy's TV show, featuring contributions by then bassist Glen Matlock, publicist Eric Hall and studio director Tony Billey.