The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Measure Twice

Series 5 - Episode 5 Measure Twice



When Blake is called to investigate the murder of a retired carpenter, his only real suspect is a teenage boy discovered praying over the body and covered in blood.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lucien Blake Craig McLachlan
Jean Beazley Nadine Garner
Chief Supt Matthew Lawson Joel Tobeck
Senior Sergeant Charlie Davis Charlie Cousins
Rose Anderson Anna McGahan
Alice Harvey Belinda McClory
Sgt Bill Hobart David Whiteley
Angus Reed Richard Cawthorne
Father Emery Nick Farnell
Maxwell Porter Andrew Curry
Eve Neville Natalie O'Donnell
Karl Gorman Mark Constable
Andrea Kreuzfeldt Alexandra Aldrich
Ned Simmons Timothy Quabba
Patricia Neville Angela Kennedy
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