Series 3 - Episode 1



The synths are back! Series two of Channel 4’s resonant robo-drama ended with “synthetic humans” all over the world getting an upgrade that gave them consciousness. Bad news. A montage before the opening titles tells us that 110,000 people were killed in a “mass malfunction”, prompting the launch of a new range of “safe synthetics”, now with orange eyes.

Cut to a year later, and things look bad… The earlier-generation synths, including our old friends Mia and Max, are confined to a sort of concentration camp, where they are dying out for want of spare parts. Wise-eyed Max wants to make peace with humans, while Mia’s former owner Laura (Katherine Parkinson) works as an activist for “synthetic rights”. But militants on both sides are fomenting violence…

As ever, it’s a sinister allegory with themes of prejudice and alienation – and about as different a take on android angst from Westworld as you could imagine.


Return of the sci-fi drama. One year after the dawn of consciousness, Max, Mia and Flash are living in a designated area known as the Railyard as they try to broker peace with the human world, while Laura fights for basic rights for Synths - but a job offer from an unexpected source could give her a platform to bring her message to a larger audience. Meanwhile, Niska is living with Astrid and passing herself off as a human and Mattie is reeling from the guilt of releasing the consciousness code upon the world.

Cast & Crew

Niska Emily Berrington
Karen Voss Ruth Bradley
Mattie Hawkins Lucy Carless
Mia Gemma Chan
Sophie Hawkins Pixie Davies
Agnes Holly Earl
Joe Hawkins Tom Goodman-Hill
Seraph Sam Billy Jenkins
Max Ivanno Jeremiah
Leo Elster Colin Morgan
Laura Hawkins Katherine Parkinson
Anatole Ukweli Roach
Toby Theo Stevenson
Claudia Nowak Susannah Doyle
Lorcan Hughes Simon Bubb
Flash Ritu Arya
Tristan Phil Dunster
Ferdinand Will Payne
Gordon Staz Nair
Flo Alison Dowling
Astrid Bella Dayne
Ziggy Glenn Carter
Mr Saunders Rob Witcomb
Roland Greg Austin
Neha Thusitha Jayasundera
Laurence Oliver Coopersmith
Headteacher Robin McCallum
Panel show host Giles Long
Young man Liam Ainsworth
SCO19 lead officer Richard Sutton
Repair bay SCO19 officer James Sutton
Director Jill Robertson
Executive Producer Derek Wax
Executive Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Executive Producer Sam Vincent
Executive Producer Jonathan Brackley
Producer Vicki Delow
Writer Sam Vincent
Writer Jonathan Brackley
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