Series 1 - Episode 2



David Collins’s (Lee Ingleby) release from prison after he was wrongly jailed for the murder of his wife has detonated a series of explosive emotions in the lives of everyone he knows — and beyond.

His children struggle to cope with their feelings for a man they barely know, the man they’ve always been told killed their mother. But there are also tremors in the homes and relationships of so many others, who aren’t members of the Collins family but are caught in the fallout of Tara Collins’s murder.

As the police inquiry reopens, the officer in charge, DI Cathy Hudson (Angel Coulby), must also question the certainties in her personal life. Innocent continues tomorrow.


As DI Hudson's new investigation unearths serious flaws in the original murder investigation, those who were closest to Tara are forced to explain away credible motives for wanting to kill her. Relationships are strained to breaking and damaging accusations fly when David confronts his brother and sister in law over access to his children.

Cast & Crew

David Collins Lee Ingleby
Jack Fionn O'Shea
Rob Moffatt Adrian Rawlins
Alice Moffatt Hermione Norris
Phil Collins Daniel Ryan
Tom Wilson Elliot Cowan
Melissa Wilson Hannah Britland
DI Cathy Hudson Angel Coulby
DS Mari-Luz Garcia Zahra Ahmadi
DC Steve Beckton Samuel Edward-Cook
Janice Parker Leila Farzad
Ryland Nicholas Asbury
Rosie Eloise Webb
DI William Beech Nigel Lindsay
Louise Wilson Christina Cole
Eleanor Price Valerie Lilley
Director Richard Clark
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Executive Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Executive Producer Matt Arlidge
Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Writer Matt Arlidge
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