Back to the Land with Kate Humble

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Back to the Land with Kate Humble

Series 2 - Episode 5



I don’t consume much caviar as a rule, so I didn’t realise, before watching Kate Humble’s latest small-business round-up, that when it is produced, the sturgeon die. The traditional method, apparently, is to club the fish on the head then cut them open.

But not at the Yorkshire producers that Humble visits tonight: father-and-son team John and Mark have found a way to farm sturgeon and “strip” their eggs sustainably, so the fish live to lay another day.

It’s fascinating to watch Mark massaging the pricey roe out of the fish in a kind of operating theatre, although the marketing side of the operation looks a bit less clinical.


The broadcaster chats to a father and son team who own the first caviar farm in the UK that harvests sturgeon eggs ethically and humanely, and who are embarking on their own breeding programme that could make or break the business. Kate also meets a family who have diversified into growing hemp on an industrial scale and even built their farm house with it, before visiting a woman who crafts Whitby jet in its raw form, then polishes, shapes and works it into silver and gold jewellery which she smiths herself.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kate Humble
Director Darren Coates
Editor Chris Polding
Executive Producer Sarah Trigg
Producer Darren Coates
Series Director Jim Ashley
Series Producer Debb Swindells
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