The Doctor Blake Mysteries

A Lethal Combination

Series 5 - Episode 1 A Lethal Combination



The last time we saw Dr Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan) he was the suspect in a murder case, so as the fifth series of this period Australian drama starts, it’s a relief to see him back in charge of an investigation.

At an exhibition boxing match in Ballarat, the local champ is knocked out and dies in the ring. The initial impression is that it was a brain injury, but Blake isn’t satisfied and suspects murder. What’s rather awkward is that the boxer’s opponent was Sergeant Charlie Cousin’s younger brother. On a lighter note, Lucien has finally proposed to his housekeeper Jean – although they’re not exactly broadcasting the happy news.


A boxer dies in the ring, but what looks like a simple medical case causes Lucien to be pulled into intrigue as he begins to suspect the man was murdered. Australian detective drama, starring Craig McLachlan.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lucien Blake Craig McLachlan
Jean Beazley Nadine Garner
Chief Supt Matthew Lawson Joel Tobeck
Senior Sergeant Charlie Davis Charlie Cousins
Rose Anderson Anna McGahan
Alice Harvey Belinda McClory
Sgt Bill Hobart David Whiteley
Bernie Thompson John Waters
Ray Davis Ethan Panizza
Shirley Davis Anne Wood
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