Series 3 - Episode 12 Penitence



The team searches for a convict who disappeared during a fight in the prison yard, but first it has to determine whether he is a cunning escapee or the victim of a kidnap plot. The warden insists he absconded with a fellow inmate following a feigned brawl, but Jack is unsure whether to believe him.

Cast & Crew

Jack Malone Anthony LaPaglia
Samantha Spade Poppy Montgomery
Vivian Johnson Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Danny Taylor Enrique Murciano
Martin Fitzgerald Eric Close
Professor Dave Florek
Damon Ferris Corey Reynolds
Warden Hilary Gutierrez Jenny Gago
Officer Tim Orley Dean Norris
Randall Bowen Billy Lush
James Connor MacAvoy Jeremy Davidson
Laura MacAvoy Anne Ramsay
Director Scott White
Writer Allison Abner
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