Eating Away

Series 5 - Episode 13 Eating Away



A competitive eater disappears after winning $5,000 in a contest. At first, the obvious culprit is one of his rivals - until the team discovers he threatened his brother with a knife just days before the competition. Meanwhile, Danny faces a crisis of conscience.

Cast & Crew

Jack Malone Anthony LaPaglia
Samantha Spade Poppy Montgomery
Vivian Johnson Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Danny Taylor Enrique Murciano
Martin Fitzgerald Eric Close
Elena Delgado Roselyn Sanchez
Lucy Adriana DeMeo
Val Sharpe Sarah Lafleur
Gus Black Daniel Roebuck
Carlos Jsu Garcia
Barry Rosen Michael Dunn
Young Barry Nathan Kress
Director Martha Mitchell
Writer David H. Goodman
Writer Alicia Kirk
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