The Secret Life of the Zoo

The Secret Life of the Zoo

Series 5 - Episode 2



This series is incredibly effective at snaring our interest and keeping it. That’s the case whether it’s showing relatable creatures like the lovely African painted dogs who are starting a family, or less obvious winners like the atlas moths.

The male moths only live three or four days: they have no mouth parts so when they run out of energy, they die. That makes it tricky to ensure there’s a female around for them to mate with in the vital window of opportunity, but when they do, it’s rather magical. Elsewhere, the okapi – a sort of cross between a zebra and a giraffe – have lost their va-va-voom.


African painted dogs K'mana and Ville were thrown together as a breeding couple after the dominant female died, but K'mana was never Ville's first choice as partner and still carries a limp from her battles with Ville's previous mate. Now she is pregnant with the zoo's first ever litter of this rare and endangered species. Meanwhile, keepers try to rekindle interest between Okapi pair Dicky and Stuma, and Atlas moths Dave and Simon only have five days of life after hatching, and their sole purpose is to mate.

Cast & Crew

Director Myles Jenks
Executive Producer Tanya Winston
Producer Myles Jenks
Series Producer Pip Banyard
Documentary Nature