Our Wildest Dreams


Series 1 - Episode 1 Ecuador



Think it’s brave to uproot your family and move to, say, Spain or Italy? Then pause and admire the courage of 52-year-old Londoner Mari, who is taking her young daughter to live in an isolated, tiny community deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest, where her husband comes from. “Well, it’s not Yarmouth, that’s for sure,” says Mari when she wakes up on the first morning. 

Mari has spent time in the Amazon before (it’s where she met husband Kurikindi) but admits this time it’s “hardcore”. The local river is full of piranha, a mid-morning snack is often a very wriggly palm tree worm, the heat and humidity is unbearable. Yet the hardest thing for Mari to adapt to is the solitude. Extraordinary.


Ex-businesswoman Mari leaves her home in Greenwich, London for a new life in Ecuador, and a distant, isolated corner of the Amazon