The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital

Series 2 - Episode 6



The series ends with an episode that, at times, is a bit maudlin. Thankfully there’s also the most exquisitely colourful wedding to lift our spirits.

The staff are having a relatively easy day. Only one medical drama to deal with, really, and that’s a young lad who’s been attacked by a gang and left for dead in the street. Dr Fonseca’s busy, having rushed off to visit Dr Virginia Mileham (Sue Johnston), the founder of the Good Karma Hospital, so we find out how it got its name. Virginia needs a favour. But the sumptuously gorgeous houseboat she lives on may distract you from her request.


The Royle Family's Sue Johnston guest stars in the final episode of the current series, which sees the staff of the hospital coming together to celebrate Ram and Mala's wedding. Ruby and Gabriel intervene in a dispute that has erupted between two fishermen, while a heart to heart at the wedding ceremony brings the two doctors closer together. Meanwhile, Lydia is confronted with a difficult dilemma when she receives a visit from her former mentor, who has come to the hospital seeking her help. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lydia Fonseca Amanda Redman
Dr Ruby Walker Amrita Acharia
Dr Gabriel Varma James Krishna Floyd
Paul Smart Philip Jackson
Dr Ram Nair Darshan Jariwalla
Maggie Smart Phyllis Logan
Mari Rodriguez Nimmi Harasgama
AJ Nair Sagar Radia
Virginia Mileham Sue Johnston
Greg McConnell Neil Morrissey
Mala Pradeep Achint Kaur
Barsha Nambeesan Ritu Arya
Amit Nambeesan Rajat Kapoor
Hari Chari Abhishek Bharate
Chandran Kurup Mahesh Ramesh More
Director Lisa Clarke
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Frith Tiplady
Executive Producer Lucy Bedford
Executive Producer Dan Sefton
Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Writer Dan Sefton
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