Off the Rails

Series 1 - Episode 3 Off the Rails



The action briefly jumps back to 2005 this week to explain some of the history behind Azana, the virtual reality video game that obsesses the teenagers at the heart of this story.

However, the flashback doesn’t last too long before we’re back in the here and now (or, at the very least, the near future), as Leila begins to see a darker side to virtual maestro Adrian and his plans for the members of Red Pill, in a particularly dark and disturbing episode.

Meanwhile, party-loving Tess is becoming increasingly unstable after throwing away her meds, while on the Isle of Sheppey a miserable young boy gets ready to take some drastic action.


Leila suspects Denier, the youngest member of Red Pill, might be Adrian's next target and is determined to save him, but her doubts about Adrian are causing friction with Tess, who is totally dependent on him.

Cast & Crew

Mania/Tess Simona Brown
Beam Ben Chaplin
Leila/Shadowfax Tallulah Haddon
Force Freddie Stewart
Jocasta Misha Butler
Tippi Haruka Abe
Adrian Matthew Beard
Denier/Ben Samuel Bottomley
Zehra Sibel Pala
Connor Luke Thompson
Mr Adams Mark Straker
Jonty Driscoll Matthew Aubrey
Myra Hayley Carmichael
Azul Philip Arditti
Ruth Palmer Geraldine Somerville
Care Home Boy Shane Keogh-Grenade
Care Home Girl Adrianna Bertola
Ted Brian Ferguson
Newsreader Zoe Conway
Connor's Wife Kat Sellner
Director Misha Manson-Smith
Executive Producer Melanie Stokes
Executive Producer Bryan Elsley
Producer Bradley Adams
Writer Rachel Hirons
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