The Professionals

A Hiding to Nothing

Series 3 - Episode 4 A Hiding to Nothing



A ministerial secretary innocently leaks information regarding a secret peace talks meeting to her lover, leading to a shooting incident and placing the future of the summit in jeopardy. While her boyfriend's involvement remains in doubt, Cowley gets her to pass on false information in the hope it will prove his innocence or confirm his guilt. Drama, starring Gordon Jackson, Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw.

Cast & Crew

Doyle Martin Shaw
Bodie Lewis Collins
Cowley Gordon Jackson
Frances Cottingham Sylvia Kay
Shelley Lise Hilboldt
Doad Nadim Sawalha
Luis Christopher Reich
Col Masterson Gerald Sim
Mrs Cottingham Phillida Sewell
Hassam Alousha Nayef Rashed
Mrs Waller Yvonne D'Alpra
Director Gerry O'Hara
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