Bust Up

Series 9 - Episode 7 Bust Up



Lee and Lucy have a brittle relationship at the best of times, but here they're stepping into a minefield: Lucy is considering cosmetic surgery. “Oh, I see: Anna’s had a boob job and now you want one,” Lee scoffs, “It’s the Nespresso frother all over again.”

The slight catch with the storyline is that Lucy has never seemed like the kind of character who would go in for plastic surgery, and her self-deprecating jokes about how having three kids has wrecked her figure don’t quite have the ring of truth.

Still, there’s scope for plenty of old-school jokes, like the suggestion that if Lee is planning a tattoo of Laurel and Hardy, why shouldn’t she get a boob job? It’s a case of tit for tat, after all.


Lee Mack and Sally Bretton star in the domestic comedy which sees the couple appear to go from one disaster to the next, while coping with their three kids, Lucy's disapproving parents, Lee's feckless dad Frank and their world-weary friends Toby and Anna. In this final episode, Lucy begins to consider having a breast augmentation, encouraged by Anna, wondering whether it will help her regain some of the femininity she felt in her youth. With Abigail Cruttenden and Hugh Dennis.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Toby Hugh Dennis
Anna Abigail Cruttenden
Dr Rhodes David Cann
Laura, shop assistant Joanna Munro
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Sarah Morgan
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