First Dates

Series 10 - Episode 2



Jazz singer Gina, 52, isn’t messing around. “I’m ready for the thunderbolt,” she declares while smoothing down her dazzling stage-worthy frock. While male performers get groupies fawning over them, female performers don’t even get chatted up, says Gina, so she’s here to find a confident man. Having years ago punctured her lung in a car accident, Gina’s worked incredibly hard to get her voice back. “I feel as though I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

Meanwhile army officer Lyn, 36, has some unusual first-date news to tell 38-year-old ex-army engineer Steve. She’s 6 months pregnant with a donor baby, having always wanted children and not yet met the right man. Steve’s reaction left my eyes swimming.


Charity worker Freddie, who's 27, is set up on a date with 22-year-old fashion buyer Rebecca, hoping that she will be the girl who will be able to get his unique sense of humour. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Army medic Lyn meets Steve, a 38-year-old ex-Army engineer, but the date takes an interesting turn when she reveals that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, 52-year-old Jazz singer Gina is set up with 57-year-old singer-songwriter Nik, and food buyer Cindy from Leeds goes on a date with sales representative Elan.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Sebastian Grant
Series Producer Richard Mears