Travel Man: 48 Hours in Madeira

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Madeira

Series 6



Richard Ayoade and Robert Webb are finding out whether there’s more to the Portuguese island of Madeira than cake and fortified wine. There is, but they still seem underwhelmed, deciding not to return until they’ve retired.

They constantly try to outdo each other with their deadpan humour. Gazing at the Sao Lourenço palace, Ayoade likens it to a Harvester. “Harvesters don’t have cannons,” corrects Webb. “You’ve not been to Peckham then.”

There are gags about the EU, food and the famous carreiros (“Morris dancers who have retrained as wicker toboggan jockeys”). Not the best advert for Madeira, but it’ll make you laugh a lot.


Richard Ayoade and Robert Webb explore the Portuguese island, including sampling the scary-looking black scabbard fish with banana at a remote seafront restaurant that can be reached only by sea or cable car. They also head to Funchal for an embroidery lesson and muse over the merits of a Madeiran mini-break while enjoying afternoon tea on the terrace.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Richard Ayoade
Director Chris Richards
Executive Producer Steve Gowans
Producer Nicola Silk
Series Producer Chris Richards