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Pants on Fire

Series 9 - Episode 5 Pants on Fire



Lee and Lucy are bingeing on a new Scandi crime drama, as Lucy describes to her snooty friend Anna. “Don’t tell me!” cries Anna suddenly. Why – is she watching it too? “No, it’s just very boring,” Anna observes drily, “listening to people describe box sets on Netflix.”

So true – and one of many neatly packaged gags in tonight’s slice of suburban torment. Lee and Lucy are desperate to wriggle out of a dinner with Anna and Toby (the excellent Abigail Cruttenden and Hugh Dennis) so they can finish The Oslo Murders, but end up spinning such a web of deception they have to fake a marriage crisis. It all builds to a very funny cross-purposes conversation about underwear.


Lee Mack and Sally Bretton star in the domestic comedy which sees the couple appear to go from one disaster to the next, while coping with their three kids, Lucy's disapproving parents, Lee's feckless dad Frank and their world-weary friends Toby and Anna. This week the couple become addicted to a TV box set, causing them to cancel dinner with Toby and Anna at the last moment. But when they lie about the reason, it only succeeds in opening up a huge can of worms. Domestic comedy, with Hugh Dennis and Abigail Cruttenden.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Toby Hugh Dennis
Anna Abigail Cruttenden
Molly Francesca Newman
Benji Max Pattison
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Danny Peak
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