She Did Something

Series 1 - Episode 1 She Did Something



This intriguing new drama from the co-creator of Skins combines the hallmarks of that smash E4 series – young people partying hard, dealing with deep emotional trauma and shacking up with one another – with the world of virtual reality, and it’s surprising just how well it all works.

Our gateway into the story is Tallulah Haddon’s Leila, a lonely girl who finds release in an online game called Agora where she plays a warrior called Shadowfax.

After her mother dies, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious group within the game who promise a deeper, more intense experience. But what secrets are they really hiding? And who exactly is the mysterious Adrian?


When her mother dies, Leila has to learn how to manage living on her own and it is only when she logs on to virtual reality game Azana that she feels truly alive. It's there that she meets the mysterious Mania - aka Tess in real life - and discovers a secret paradise called Red Pill, the leader of which tells her she has to be invited to join and blasts her out of the game. However, the next day Leila is stunned when Tess turns up at her workplace. Fantasy thriller blending live action and CGI, starring Tallulah Haddon and Simona Brown.

Cast & Crew

Leila/Shadowfax Tallulah Haddon
Mania/Tess Simona Brown
Adrian Matthew Beard
Carmen Francene Turner
Zehra Sibel Pala
Azul Philip Arditti
Myra Hayley Carmichael
Jonty Matthew Aubrey
Calumny/Cyryl George Jovanovic
Tippi Haruka Abe
Force Freddie Stewart
Jocasta Misha Butler
Carer Juliet Cowan
Vicar David Persiva
Denier Samuel Bottomley
Director Misha Manson-Smith
Executive Producer Melanie Stokes
Executive Producer Bryan Elsley
Producer Bradley Adams
Writer Bryan Elsley
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