The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital

Series 2 - Episode 3



Since this series started, we’ve been desperately hoping for a thaw in relations between Gabriel and Ruby. Tonight – spoiler alert, but don’t get too excited – they actually hug. Awkwardly and without passion, but it’s still a hug, which is a change from their usual snippy exchanges.

They’re travelling into the country to set up a temporary clinic at the tea plantation run by Ruby’s uncle. But all is not what it seems there.

Back at the hospital, this week’s storyline-with-a-message revolves around a domestic abuse case. For Lydia, it’s black and white. The wife should leave her husband. Of course, it’s not that simple.


Gabriel joins Ruby on an outreach programme to a tea plantation, but discovers that she has not been completely honest about her reasons for wanting to go there. Back at the clinic, Lydia tries to help a patient who she believes is a victim of domestic abuse.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lydia Fonseca Amanda Redman
Dr Ruby Walker Amrita Acharia
Dr Gabriel Varma James Krishna Floyd
Paul Smart Philip Jackson
Dr Ram Nair Darshan Jariwalla
Mari Rodriguez Nimmi Harasgama
AJ Nair Sagar Radia
Greg McConnell Neil Morrissey
Amit Nambeesan Rajat Kapoor
Barsha Nambeesan Ritu Arya
Neelam Sagar Anneika Rose
Sanjay Sagar Danish Husain
Krish Sagar Svar Kamble
Pooja Jayashree Bappal
Abha Desai Rebecca Munasingha
Director Alex Winckler
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Frith Tiplady
Executive Producer Lucy Bedford
Executive Producer Dan Sefton
Producer John Chapman
Writer Nicola Wilson
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