The Supervet

Series 11 - Episode 4



It’s not often that we hear money mentioned in Noel Fitzpatrick’s practice. Devoted owners will generally pay anything if there’s a chance their pet will get better. But sometimes the cost of treatment is so astronomically high that the owners simply can’t afford it. That’s the situation for labrador puppy Oscar, who has the worst case of developmental elbow disease Noel has ever seen. Oscar’s owners tearfully contemplate putting him down, but there’s still hope.

He’s also operating on a seven-year-old Russian black terrier with an aggressive tumour on his paw and a one-year-old cat that’s been badly injured in a traffic accident. There’s sad news about one.


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick treats a Labrador puppy with an elbow disease, and believes a possible solution might involve fitted plates and stem cell injections. Elsewhere, a one-year-old cat is brought in suffering from a crushed pelvis and a broken tail after a road traffic accident, and a Russian Black Terrier with a cancerous growth is at risk of losing his leg.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Rachel Hobday
Producer Claire O'Connor
Series Director James Bainbridge
Series Producer James Bainbridge