Law & Order: UK


Series 4 - Episode 3 ID



A pregnant junior doctor is found beaten to death in a hospital car park, and her boyfriend Joe Nash becomes the prime suspect when he cannot provide an alibi. Brooks and Devlin begin to think Nash is having an affair with his therapist, but what initially seems like a crime of passion unravels into a conspiracy involving senior government officials, with Steel and Phillips risking their careers to find the truth. Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber and Matthew McNulty star.

Cast & Crew

DS Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
DS Matt Devlin Jamie Bamber
DI Natalie Chandler Harriet Walter
James Steel Ben Daniels
Alesha Phillips Freema Agyeman
George Castle Bill Paterson
Daniela Renzo Nicola Walker
Joe Nash Matthew McNulty
Carla Hopley, DPP Isla Blair
Eli Smart Benedict Wong
Lady Justice Blythe Prue Clarke
Joy Ackroyd Nicola Sanderson
Ellen Cullen Geraldine Alexander
Robert Cullen Ian Cairns
Justice Warwick Graham Howes
Garrod Nicholson Simon Thorpe
Christina Douglas Orlessa Altass
Young Billy Wells Matthew Loreti
Director Andy Goddard
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Emilia di Girolamo
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