Escape to the Chateau

Weddings, Stable & Staircases

Series 4 - Episode 1 Weddings, Stable & Staircases



Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel are still struggling to get the Château de la Motte Husson in the Loire up to scratch. Although “struggling” is probably the wrong word – mostly it already looks fabulous, thanks to Dick’s practical bent and Angel’s eye for quirky vintage design.

The place is full of stuffed animals and the vintage wallpaper they found rolled up in boxes in the attic. Now, to decorate the crumbling back stairs, Angel has a mad-sounding plan to photograph the wallpaper, print it onto fabric then use it as… wallpaper. The results are stunning, but try not to be distracted by the thought that Angel sometimes looks and sounds like a close relative of Little Britain’s Matt Lucas...


As summer arrives, Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree are busier than ever with seven weddings and 14 food lovers' weekends to prepare for. As if that wasn't enough to keep them busy, they must also sort out the garden, work on a stables conversion and embark on a surprising floating adventure.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dick Strawbridge
Presenter Angel Adoree
Executive Producer Dale Templar
Executive Producer Steve Havers
Series Producer Tina Jenkins