Series 1 - Episode 6 Dog



The series-one finale from 2009, when the show was attracting 2.6 million viewers on BBC2 (by 2012 it was hitting nearly 9.5 million on BBC1).

This is the one where dogs, dithering and a self-defence class prove to be the undoing of our hazardous heroine Miranda Hart. Her competitive friendship with jazz-hands Stevie, often the series’ highlight, reaches delirious heights when a handsome customer leaves his wallet behind.

It’s all effortlessly, irresistibly funny, brimming with gags and delectable silliness. Hart’s woman-child persona and total lack of vanity in the cause of comedy should be cherished.


A handsome stranger loses his wallet in the joke shop, where it is found by Stevie and Miranda - who immediately begin trying to find out which one of them he would prefer to go on a date with. Meanwhile, Gary is offered a new job in Hong Kong, but seems to be waiting for someone to persuade him to stay. Starring Miranda Hart, Sarah Hadland and Tom Ellis.

Cast & Crew

Miranda Miranda Hart
Penny Patricia Hodge
Stevie Sarah Hadland
Gary Tom Ellis
Clive James Holmes
Tilly Sally Phillips
Fanny Katy Wix
Robert Husband Philip Brodie
Director Juliet May
Producer Nerys Evans
Writer Miranda Hart
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