Series 5 - Episode 1



In the fifth and final series of this inspired take-down of Hollywood hubris and hypocrisy, Matt LeBlanc is the reluctant host of The Box, an absurdly cruel game show that is so successful it’s what network boss Elliot Salad (Michael Brandon) thinks about when making love to this wife. It also means that Matt is back working with his old enemy Merc Lapidus (John Pankow), and their vinegary exchanges remain both one of this show’s great joys and a useful reminder that disaster is just a misstep away in this phoney, high-stakes world.

But The Box’s tortures and humiliations are as nothing compared to Sean and Beverley’s ordeal: Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan’s writing duo have been forced to work with obnoxious narcissist Tim, a man who also believes that making comedies funny is old-school. Fortunately, it's a mistake that Episodes writers Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane (of Friends fame) have never made.


New series. Several months have passed and Matt's show The Box is now a runaway hit. Unfortunately for Matt, this means that he must have daily contact with his producer Merc Lapidus and, if anything, the animosity between the two has only got worse. As Matt is the star of the show, he should have some leverage over Merc, but he makes a decision that puts him right in the palm of his producer's sweaty hand. Comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig.

Cast & Crew

Himself Matt LeBlanc
Sean Lincoln Stephen Mangan
Beverly Lincoln Tamsin Greig
Merc Lapidus John Pankow
Carol Rance Kathleen Rose Perkins
Danika Sarah Armstrong
Morning Randolph Mircea Monroe
Helen Basch Andrea Savage
Director Jeffrey Klarik
Writer David Crane
Writer Jeffrey Klarik
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