Lee and Dean

Series 1 - Episode 1



Best mates Lee (Miles Chapman) and Dean (Mark O’Sullivan) are builders who swan around their native Stevenage in a white van – with Lee enjoying the (cough) extra-curricular delights of their many female customers.

Poor Dean has less luck in that regard in this semi-improvised comedy. Even his own dad seems more taken with laddish Lee than with his own son. And then there’s the fact that Dean is desperately in love with his mate – his pain intensifying when various mishaps see Lee unwittingly landing a new girlfriend.

It’s an intriguing, promising premise that Chapman and O’Sullivan pull off superbly, the lad banter bringing the genuine pathos into sharp, sometimes heartbreaking relief.


The lifelong friendship between Stevenage builders Lee and Dean comes under stress when Lee becomes smitten with Nikki. To make matters worse, Dean's nose is well and truly put out of joint when she moves into their flat and takes over organising Lee's birthday party. Lee has also been enjoying `builder's perks' with an upmarket client, and when the woman in question turns up at his party unannounced, Lee is terrified that she'll tell Nikki what's been going on - forcing Dean to step in to save the day. Comedy, co-written by and starring Miles Chapman and Mark O'Sullivan.

Cast & Crew

Lee Miles Chapman
Dean Mark O'Sullivan
Nikki Camille Ucan
Mrs Bryce-D'Souza Anna Morris
Little Dean Sam Underwood
Mick Mark Sharp
Sheets Sean Miller
Nightmare Eoin McSorley
Midnight Jason Barnett
Mr Cabott-Silk Martyn Jolly
Corrine Stuart Clark
Yorkie Dan Bramall
Lynn Natalie Gordon
Terry Perry Benson
Director Mark O'Sullivan
Executive Producer Miles Chapman
Executive Producer Mark O'Sullivan
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Producer Miles Chapman
Writer Miles Chapman
Writer Mark O'Sullivan
Writer Sam Underwood
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