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Perfect Ingredients

Series 1 - Episode 1 Perfect Ingredients



Twenty years ago, Victoria Wood sat down with director Geoff Posner to think about making her first sitcom. “She couldn’t decide where to set it,” he recalls, but eventually came up with the enclosed world of a works canteen, where we’d listen in on the everyday lives of its staff.

This three-part love letter to the comedy classic is blessed by great recollections from the cast and some excellent audio by Wood herself, on her inspiration and what she was trying to achieve. And her own perfectionism clearly rubbed off: as Maxine Peake (who played grumpy young kitchen assistant Twinkle) says, “I was so desperate to get it right, but she writes so well it’s hard to get it wrong.”

And while it’s great to see clips of the finished show, even better are the numerous out-takes and hilarious bloopers: just watch Julie Walters’s Petula mangle the words “scrotum” and “boxing glove”.


Behind the scenes of how the British sitcom was made, featuring unseen footage of Victoria Wood, and interviews with the cast as they reminisce about the show.