The Supervet

Series 11 - Episode 3



Betsy, the tortoiseshell cat, is a delightful, placid companion according to her doting owner. However, Noel Fitzpatrick has a different experience. "She goes ballistic if anyone comes near her with a needle," he explains. Although to be fair to her, she does have an aggressive tumour in her back leg, which is bound to make her a bit testy.

Also on Noel's operating list are Tibetan terrier Beau, who has hip dysplasia, and an emergency case. Rosie, the eight-year-old rescue dog, suddenly collapsed and Noel isn't sure whether it's a damaged spinal disc or something more serious. With all of them he promises to do his absolute best – as always.


Noel Fitzpatrick tries to save a tortoiseshell cat's leg by cutting out a tumour that has developed and replacing its knee with a unique bionic implant. Staffordshire bull terrier Rosie is admitted as an emergency after her back legs suddenly collapse in the park, and Noel performs essential spinal surgery to the diseased discs in Rosie's spine and advises a course of intense physiotherapy.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Rachel Hobday
Producer Claire O'Connor
Series Director James Bainbridge
Series Producer James Bainbridge