Absolutely Fabulous Xmas 2004: White Box: White Box

Absolutely Fabulous Xmas 2004: White Box: White Box



Festive special of the comedy from 2004. Edina decides her kitchen needs redecorating, but ends up needing regression therapy. Meanwhile, Mother and Saffy try to cope with bringing up the baby amid all the chaos and Bubble gets ideas above her station. Starring Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks, with appearances by Miranda Richardson, Patrick Barlow and Laurie Metcalf.

Cast & Crew

Edina Monsoon Jennifer Saunders
Patsy Stone Joanna Lumley
Saffron Monsoon Julia Sawalha
Mrs June 'Gran' 'Mother' Monsoon June Whitfield
Bubble Jane Horrocks
Kunz Nathan Lane
Bettina Miranda Richardson
Regression Therapist Laurie Metcalf
Max Patrick Barlow
Bo Mo Gaffney
Marshall Christopher Ryan
Catriona Helen Lederer
Fleur Harriet Thorpe
Yoko Miranda Hart
Himself Terence Conran
Director Ed Bye
Writer Jennifer Saunders
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