Britain at Low Tide

The Severn

Series 2 - Episode 4 The Severn



Dr Tori Herridge and her little band don their wellies to totter along the thickly muddy foreshore of the enormous Severn Estuary. There are plenty of warnings not to try this at home without doing your research, as the estuary, which flows between England and Wales and is now spanned by two suspension bridges, has a huge tidal range and can be lethal.

It’s an engaging, informative mixture of archaeology and history as the group explores ruined remains on a tiny island that can be accessed only at low tide, and harks back to a dreadful accident in 1960 when two barges collided, causing an enormous explosion in which five lives were lost.


Tori Herridge explores the Severn Estuary, investigating a mysterious ruin on a bleak island. Along the coast she visits the site of the medieval village of Sudbrook, which simply disappeared into the sea, and finds out how important the ferry crossing at Aust was during the 20th century. The presenter also investigates the story behind the very first attempt to build a tunnel underneath the Severn. At the moment, all this archaeology is available to anyone to see, but rising sea levels and coastal erosion mean it won't be long before it's all swept away.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tori Herridge
Director Catherine Abbott
Executive Producer Harry Bell
Executive Producer Brendan Hughes
Series Producer Michael Waterhouse
Documentary Science