The Dumping Ground

The Lurgy

Series 6 - Episode 10 The Lurgy



With an illness spreading, May-Li is the next to fall victim. With Mike pathetically sneezing and groaning, May-Li is determined to show Mike that she doesn't need him to run Ashdene Ridge. However, as the workload increases, so do her symptoms. It all becomes too much and May-Li soon realises that she needs Mike's help. The discovery of a recipe hidden in Joseph's book sends him and Chloe on a mission to make the best chicken soup. Floss does everything in her power to avoid the lurgy.

Cast & Crew

Sasha Annabelle Davis
Floss Guppy Sarah Rayson
Dexter Bellman Alexander Aze
Jody Jackson Kia Pegg
Finn McLaine Ruben Reuter
Alex Connor Lawson
Charlie Emily Burnett
Joseph Stubbs Yousef Naseer
Archie Jethro Baliba
Candi-Rose Carma Hylton
Mike Milligan Connor Byrne
Toni Nelly Currant
Billie Gwen Currant
May-Li Wang Stacy Liu
Tyler Lewis Miles Butler-Hughton
Chloe Reeves Hannah Moncur
Sasha Bellman Annabelle Davis
Ryan Reeves Lewis Hamilton
Taz Jasmine Uson
Mimi Blunt Stirling Gallagher
Director Fiona Walton
Executive Producer Jonathan Phillips
Producer Gert Thomas
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