Room 101

Series 7 - Episode 8



“It’s toxic, salty, fishy goop – it looks like the devil’s own blancmange – it’s wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!”

A gold star for anyone who can guess what guest Bill Bailey is describing here, in one of this week’s episode’s most impassioned attempts to get a pet hate installed in the titular Room 101.

Still, he’s given plenty of competition in the great game of grumbles, with Sherlock’s Una Stubbs and radio presenter Alice Levine also doing their level best to persuade host Frank Skinner that it’s THEIR respective bugbears that deserve inclusion.

So watch on, but be warned – you may never see certain foodstuffs in quite the same light again…


Frank Skinner invites comedian and musician Bill Bailey, actress Una Stubbs and radio presenter Alice Levine to express their anger over individuals, events and objects that upset them, hoping to curry the host's favour and see them consigned to oblivion. Their gripes include taramasalata, people who talk too loudly and drama cliches.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Contributor Bill Bailey
Contributor Una Stubbs
Contributor Alice Levine
Director Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer Jordan Read
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Ruby Kuraishe
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Emily Pickthall
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