Saluting Dad's Army

Saluting Dad's Army

Series 1 - Episode 3



Tonight’s delightful wander through Walmington-on-Sea draws out the personalities of Dad’s Army’s front line, both in the cast and crew. Many attest to Arthur Lowe being like Mainwaring and vice versa. Even his son Stephen Lowe says, “He thought he was the captain of the ship... they teased him rotten about it.”

Radio Times photographer Don Smith, however, hints at a softer side with a sweet story about being on set in 1973. The programme upholds the “opposites attract” theory in relation to the writers: extrovert Jimmy Perry and quietly calm David Croft. And tribute is paid to unsung heroes including set designer Paul Joel, who had to create a working clock-tower interior.


Alexander Armstrong goes behind the scenes to discover just how Dad's Army was made and meets locals from the Norfolk town of Thetford, which stood in for Walmington-on-Sea. Plus, he hears from the expert professionals who brought Jimmy Perry and David Croft's ambitious ideas to the screen.

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Presenter Alexander Armstrong