Unlimited (Limited)

Series 2 - Episode 6 Unlimited (Limited)



Ray Romano is great value in this comedy thriller. He plays slippery film producer Rick, who has somehow ended up working under cover for the FBI while dating a cartel boss – the terrifying Amara. After last week’s fireworks, Rick is in hospital, talking to his FBI minders and assuming “the jig’s up, it’s all over”, so surely now they can arrest everyone and he can go back to a normal life? It’s not that easy.

Getting characters way out of their depth is this series’ speciality: there’s a nice scene tonight where hopeless try-hard gangster Yago has a meeting with the slick lawyers at the all-powerful LA syndicate, to set up a Limited Liability Corporation. Yago’s disappointed: “Why’s it got to be limited?”


Miles, facing a rift with Louis, moves forward on Wylderness with April's help. Elsewhere, Rick deals with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cast & Crew

Miles Daly Chris O'Dowd
Rick Moreweather Ray Romano