WW2 Treasure Hunters: WW1 Special: WWI Special

WW2 Treasure Hunters: WW1 Special: WWI Special

Series 2



In a First World War special, Suggs and Stephen Taylor excavate the site of a huge transit camp at Morn Hill, outside Winchester, home to over two million troops, travelling from all over the Empire to the Western Front. They find an array of artefacts from 100 years ago, including dog-tags from British and American soldiers - one of whom they track all the way to his living relative. Also unearthed are iron heels from hobnail boots, cap badges and steel fixings for epaulettes from the 23rd London Regiment, bayonets from Lee Enfield 303s and many more intriguing artefacts such as a condom tin.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Suggs
Presenter Stephen Taylor