First Dates

Series 11 - Episode 3



Many of the singles at the First Dates restaurant are sanguine, but, as can be revealed in their pre-date interview, scratch just below the surface and there’s often an intense fragility that has led them to the restaurant. Aisleyne, a former Big Brother star and mildly famous TV personality, is outwardly confident and has a lot of bravado, yet confesses to chasing money in her life rather than love. It’s surprisingly moving.

Then there’s pub landlord John, who is hoping his date Warren is as fanatical about Star Wars as he is, and Nathan, who goes to mop his sweating brow with a napkin only to accidentally leave rice stuck to his face – much to his date’s amusement.


Star Wars fan John meets fellow sci-fi enthusiast Warren, while trauma surgeon Salam admits to his date Tara that he has never been more nervous than the moment when she arrived. Former reality TV star Aisleyne's date is Darren is a dead ringer for Jason Statham, but is he the alpha male she is looking for, or will his flirtatious banter go too far?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Producer Richard Mears