A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron

Series 2 - Episode 2 A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron



In tonight’s chapter of this wunderkind Wonder Years, Sheldon arrives at his advanced college course and finds Paige, another ten-year-old, in his seat. The expected anger intensifies when his mother Mary invites Paige and her parents over to their house, so he takes tips from Mr Spock to quell his emotions. Not helped by Mary calling him Dr Spock.

A straightforward tale of childhood jealousy deepens when Mary (Zoe Perry) admits the arrangement isn’t just for Shelly to make friends but for her to as well. Again Young Sheldon manages to be almost casually wise while dispensing zingers like a Pez. Meanwhile, the older Sheldon is also fuming in The Big Bang Theory at 8pm – this time with his wife Amy.


Meemaw intervenes when Sheldon gets jealous of Dr Sturgis bonding with Paige, a rival 10-year-old genius. In the meantime, Mary invites Paige's family over for a play date.

Cast & Crew

Sheldon Iain Armitage
Mary Zoe Perry
George Sr Lance Barber
Georgie Montana Jordan
Missy Raegan Revord
Meemaw Annie Potts
Sheldon (voice) Jim Parsons
Dr John Sturgis Wallace Shawn
Paige Mckenna Grace
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