The Tsuranga Conundrum

Series 11 - Episode 5 The Tsuranga Conundrum



Trapped in a futuristic medical facility after an adventure goes wrong, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is on the back foot for a large part of this episode, struggling with injuries as her friends and fellow patients come under attack from mysterious forces.

Happily, after a few stories set on Earth, this week adds some proper science-fiction ideas to Doctor Who, introducing a universe of gleaming spaceships, hi-tech equipment and outer-space cultures – a definite highlight comes when the gang meet a pregnant male alien – and even slipping in a little physics lesson about antimatter.

It’s fast-paced, explosive fun – and probably the most unusual hospital drama you’ll catch on TV this week.


The Doctor and her friends are stranded in the wilderness on a far-flung alien world and must work together with a group of strangers to survive against one of the universe's deadliest and most unusual creatures. Guest starring Suzanne Packer (Casualty) and Lois Chimimba (Trust Me).

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Jodie Whittaker
Graham O'Brien Bradley Walsh
Ryan Sinclair Tosin Cole
Yasmin Khan Mandip Gill
Eve Cicero Suzanne Packer
Durkas Cicero Ben Bailey Smith
Astos Brett Goldstein
Mabli Lois Chimimba
Ronan David Shields
Yoss Inkl Jack Shalloo
Director Jennifer Perrott
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall
Executive Producer Matt Strevens
Series Producer Nikki Wilson
Writer Chris Chibnall
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